You are invited!!!!!
      GA Seminars @ HOME with Suzanne
                Beginning February 2018
      World famous artists teaching in a 
                 PRIVATE SETTING.. 

THREE new Studios - 
         Separate (each over 600 square feet) Art Studios designed for your full enjoyment ....overlooking the pond, walking trails and gardens ... Relaxed, quiet and designed just for you and your art!

SIX days for your art!!!
Arrive Day One
Paint Days Two,Three, Four,Five
Depart Day Six   With your fired pieces ready for travel
    Limited class sizes... throughout the year...

     Enrollment offered: DAY STUDENTS 
Lodging, Breakfast and Dinner on your OWN
  (Artists will also be housed in local hotels)

Classes begin at 9am.

At 10 am, we will enjoy a MORNING COFFEE and SNACK, at noon LUNCH, and  HIGH TEA at 5PM each day.

               Beginning February 2018
Suzanne Painter - Administrator
Dell Ballard - Administrative Assistant
Mackey Ballard - Transportation

    Asya Baldwin   -  Oils on Canvas
    Nancy Benedetti - High Fire
    Rachel Plantier - Porcelain delights!!!!
    Mariela - Subject of your choice on porcelain
    Mary Gosden - Subject of your choice on                                     porcelain
    FUSION Class with Mariela and Mary -                         Combo Subject of your CHOICE   
                            on porcelain
     Celee Evans                                                                  Session One Garden Scene/Peonies
     Joerg Kugelmeier
                Session One - Meissen Seascape
     Celee Evans                                                                  Session Two - Plums and Cherries
     Joerg Kugelmeier
                Session Two - Landscape on a Box

     Patrizia Arvieri  - New Techniques
     Francesca Predolini - Mosaics

     Sylvia Beythoun - Raised Paste and Gold
     Birgit Porter - Portraits, Landscapes, Flowers                 on Porcelain or Oils on Canvas                Jane Wright
               Session One Interpretation on "Holly"
     Jane Wright
                Session Two - Fruit featuring "Pears"

February 2019
         Melanie Foster - subject of your choice                                         from her published books
         Mark Hufford  -  Glass
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